Juicy Jacqulyn, fully clothed

Juicy Jacqulyn
is the chosen SSBBW for season 1 in The Fatlorette. She must chose between the seven celebrities that are Justin Bieber, Bill O'Reilly, Robert Pattinson, Mr. T, Chuck Norris, Hulk Hogan, and Vince Offer.


Jacqulyn assigned the boys to take her to a restaurant.

Bieber took her to Red Lobster, Pattinson took her to Olive Garden, Hogan took her to McDonald's, Norris took her to Texas Road House, Offer took her to Wendy's, Mr. T took her to Burger King, and O'Reilly took her to his house.

Going through the basics, she declared Justin Bieber the winner since her favorite food was seafood. She also kept Mr. T, Hogan, Offer, and Norris in the game, but considered eliminating Pattinson and O'Reilly.

She chose to keep Patinson and eliminate O'Reilly, since he was "too old for her". O'Reilly then promised to sue the show in revenge.

Afterward, she revealed to the men that she has chlamydia, and all of them left in disgust.

Sexy Outfit galleryEdit


As Big Belly

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